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Hear what our students and their parents are saying about Student Launch Pad!

“With the help of Student Launch Pad, I was accepted to all three of my top choice colleges!”
Julia, high school senior

“I wanted you to know that Thomas was accepted and will attend Howard University in Washington DC in the fall! Thanks for all the support you gave him with Student Launch Pad.  I certainly know that it helped to strengthen his character and confidence. Thanks!”
Cheryl, parent of Thomas, high school senior

“Thank you for helping me identify my career path, strengths and weaknesses. It has really helped me a lot in determining what career fields I want to look into because I was clueless before. I’m looking forward to keeping you posted on my future actions. Thanks again!”
Temitope, high school junior

“What Stephanie has done with Courtney has been so helpful! I think the Student Launch Pad Program brings things out in kids they didn’t know and makes them realize things they should. Before Student Launch Pad, I was pushing for Courtney to do more in school, join clubs, play a sport, or volunteer more, but she did not take much initiative to do so. Because of Student Launch Pad, she is now working very hard to be more involved and take initiative to do more things that are important. This has been the best thing that she needed. Courtney has definitely matured by it. I am so happy I could cry!”
Flory, parent of Courtney, high school sophomore