Interviewing with EQ Part I: Self-Awareness

  Student Launch Pad is teaming up with The EQ Workshop to bring you a four-part series of articles on how to interview with emotional intelligence. The EQ Workshop gives participants an understanding of Emotional Intelligence that will prepare them to increase their EQ including skills like emotional self-awareness, conflict resolution and understanding different personality types. […]

Start vs. Stop Doing Lists

I typically encounter two types of students: Those that go-go-go and those that wait-and-see. Students going a mile a minute often have a schedule packed to the brim and to-do lists that overflow. Students who wait-and-see want to be sure about something before they commit, but this approach can mean that their resume is less […]

What are you doing to make an impact?

Students about to start college and recent graduates probably aren’t spending too much time thinking about how they are advancing toward making their long-term goals a reality. Yet, it’s telling that one question asked during the grueling Harvard Business School interview is, “What do you want to be remembered as?” As this Poets and Quants […]

Ending Job Search Paralysis

During his senior year of high school, Nick continually questioned what he wanted to do after graduation. He considered the military but then changed his mind. He wanted to go to college but did not feel ready. He thought taking a gap year between high school and college was his best option, but he did not […]

5 Key Steps to Point You in the Right Direction

Oftentimes before students start the Student Launch Pad program, they have changed their minds multiple times on what they want to do, how they view what they are good at, and where they see themselves in the future. With these frequent changes of heart, it is easy for students to dismiss the importance of envisioning […]