Interviewing with EQ: Relational Management Part II

Student Launch Pad is teaming up with The EQ Workshop to bring you a four-part series of articles on how to interview with emotional intelligence. The EQ Workshop gives participants an understanding of Emotional Intelligence that will prepare them to increase their EQ including skills like emotional self-awareness, conflict resolution and understanding different personality types. This final article in […]

July Update: How to make the most of your summer

  Student Launch Pad is here to help students make the most of their summer! We’ve been working with students all summer long who want to take advantage of the extra time and set themselves up for a successful future. Check out the Monthly Update for specific ways to make the most of the summer, including: Find […]

Ending Job Search Paralysis

During his senior year of high school, Nick continually questioned what he wanted to do after graduation. He considered the military but then changed his mind. He wanted to go to college but did not feel ready. He thought taking a gap year between high school and college was his best option, but he did not […]

How to choose a college, major, or career: Part IV

Big decisions are daunting. Choosing the right college, selecting a major that will set you up for success, and determining a good career fit are all choices that students face. In the midst of these big decisions, how can students make the best possible choices for their future? The Heath brothers, in their book Decisive: […]

Top 6 Tips for Acing a Career Fair

This spring, Student Launch Pad had the opportunity to be a part of a mock career fair at Georgia Institute of Technology. The main purpose was for students to practice career fair etiquette and networking prior to the real career fairs the following week. The event lasted about four hours, and the students treated it […]

What I wish I knew before starting college

This morning I had the pleasure of teaching a Leadership class at my old high school, Trinity Preparatory School in Winter Park, FL. With both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Leadership, I was excited to speak about leadership lessons that I learned throughout my time in college and into the working world. Although the […]

5 Key Steps to Point You in the Right Direction

Oftentimes before students start the Student Launch Pad program, they have changed their minds multiple times on what they want to do, how they view what they are good at, and where they see themselves in the future. With these frequent changes of heart, it is easy for students to dismiss the importance of envisioning […]