Personality & Leadership: How to Determine your Temperament

If you know your Myers-Briggs results, then temperaments are a quick way to understand your own and others’ leadership styles by paying attention to 2 of the personality categories, rather than 4. How to determine your temperament: The first key to determining temperament is knowing whether you are an S (Sensing) or an N (iNtution). […]

What are you doing to make an impact?

Students about to start college and recent graduates probably aren’t spending too much time thinking about how they are advancing toward making their long-term goals a reality. Yet, it’s telling that one question asked during the grueling Harvard Business School interview is, “What do you want to be remembered as?” As this Poets and Quants […]

Simply Lead

A little over a week ago was Chick-fil-A Leadercast, a one-day leadership conference with some of the world’s best leaders. The theme was “Simply Lead,” starting with the question, “What if there were potential impact in simplifying our lives so our leadership could thrive?” Learning to simply lead, however, is not exclusively for those with official […]