How to choose a college, major, or career: Part II

  In the first post of this series, two decision-making flaws were presented that explain why students often choose the wrong college, select the wrong major, and ultimately end up in the wrong career. According to Dan and Chip Heath in their new book Decisive: How to Make Better Decisions in Life and Work, these […]

How to choose a college, major, or career: Part I

Choosing a college, selecting a major, and deciding on a career path are all key decisions that students must make. Many of the Student Launch Pad students go through the program to gain personal insight into these decisions. Yet making them can be daunting. Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work by […]

What I wish I knew before starting college

This morning I had the pleasure of teaching a Leadership class at my old high school, Trinity Preparatory School in Winter Park, FL. With both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Leadership, I was excited to speak about leadership lessons that I learned throughout my time in college and into the working world. Although the […]

Student Spotlight: Successful first semester of college

As college students return home for winter break, many will be discussing future plans with their families. Questions like, “What should I major in?” and “What internships should I apply to?” will be frequent, with the uncertainties often causing stress. Yet, Liz Earls, a Student Launch Pad graduate, is starting the break excited about her […]