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What We Do

Student Launch Pad provides one-on-one performance coaching for high school and early college students. Here are the details on our programs:

Module one:
Student Launch PadTM ProgramIgnite Your Future
Are you overwhelmed by the endless possibilities for your future?
High Schoolers
College Students
Do you want to make the most of your high school years to get accepted to your dream college?
Do you want to identify what major and career are best for you?
With hundreds of colleges to choose from and endless extracurricular activities to get involved in, it’s often difficult to navigate where you are best suited. Then in college, the possibilities for majors, internships, and career paths seem infinite! Through a series of assessments, exercises, and one-on-one mentoring, we’ll help you discover your sweet spot, where your strengths, passions, and values intersect for your ultimate future!
We ensure that both the student’s and parents’ goals are met
Student Launch Pad’s program is designed with the student and parent in mind. In the weekly coaching sessions, the coach explains, analyzes, and helps the student apply their assessment results and exercises. At the end of our coaching program, parents are debriefed on their child’s assessment results and experiences in the program. Parents have told us that through Student Launch Pad, they learned how to best communicate with their child, understand what motivates them, and set them up for success in activities that are best suited for their strengths.
How Does Coaching Work?


The video below gives an overview of what is covered through the online program during weeks 2 through 7:

Module Two:
PowerAppTM Program Getting Accepted to the Colleges of Your Choice
Need some help with your college applications?
Are you struggling to write your essays…
…not sure what colleges want to hear? Would you like one-on-one coaching to guide you in selecting colleges, and finishing your applications and essays with excellence to get accepted into your dream college?
After the Student Launch Pad Program, students will have a list of colleges that are a good fit based on their future plans and college major. Now that the Student Launch Pad Program has helped you discover what you want to do in college, the POWERAPPTM Program will help you get into your dream college!By using their portfolio results from the Student Launch Pad Program, students are equipped with knowing their strengths, interests, personality traits, leadership abilities, and achievements. Through POWERAPPTM the coach will guide the student on how to communicate these qualities through the college application, essays, short answer responses, and interviews.
How Does Coaching Work?
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