Program Overview

In seven weeks from now, you can ignite your future

  • 7-week program for 2 hours/week
  • Students spend about 1 hour/week taking an assessment and completing exercises through our online program
  • Students spend 1 hour/week in a one-on-one coaching session
  • Scheduling of coaching sessions are flexible according to the student’s needs

Student Launch Pad coaches ensure that both the student’s and parents’ goals are met

  • In the weekly coaching sessions, the student’s coach debriefs, analyzes, and helps them apply their assessment results and exercises

Students gain complete access to our online program when they enroll

  • All of the assessment tests, activities, and exercises are completed through our online program, and are included in the price
  • The online program provides access to numerous resources and videos
  • Students receive a personalized portfolio of their assessment results and exercises at the end of the program

The video below gives an overview of what is covered through the online program during weeks 2 through 7:

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