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Can the Student Launch Pad programs be shortened or lengthened?

The personal/group online coaching programs each run for their specified amount of weeks (6 weeks for Student Launch Pad and 10 weeks for PowerApp). However, students have access to their online system and portfolio after the program ends to revisit any of the lessons. Additionally, any webinars or coaching sessions are recorded for students to watch should they miss a live session. The one-on-one coaching programs are designed according to a weekly schedule, but their time frames are flexible for a faster or slower pace according to your needs.

Where do coaching sessions take place?

All of the assessments and exercises in the program are completed through our online learning system. Primarily the coaching sessions or webinars take place via video conferencing.

How much time does the program take per week?

Each coaching program takes about two hours per week: 1 hour to complete an assessment or exercise through our online learning system, and 1 hour for the webinar or coaching session.

What if I would like more coaching sessions?

We offer additional coaching sessions and individualized programs according to your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Do you have a program for students who have already graduated?

Yes, our Career Flight Plan program is designed for recent graduates, who are either job seeking or determining their career path. Please visit the Career Flight Plan website for more information.

Do you offer group coaching or lead workshops and trainings for student groups?

Yes, we work with school systems and other student organizations in a variety of ways. School groups can enroll as a cohort in our online group coaching programs. Student Launch Pad will also customize the program’s focus according to your organization’s needs. 

Please contact us for more information on what type of training or group coaching that you want.