What's your theme for 2014?

The New Year offers a reset button to re-imagine who you might become and what you might accomplish. There’s no shortage of good advice written this time of year on how to set resolutions, turn goals into habits, and hold yourself accountable. Instead, I’d like to suggest choosing one theme that will define your upcoming year. For instance, what if you were to Dare Greatly this year? What could you do this year that would exemplify this theme? Maybe you want to take the initiative at work and start a new project. Perhaps you’ve been hesitant about submitting your work for publication. 2014theme A recent Forbes article noted that it can take 9.5 weeks to form a habit. With this statistic in mind, take one key way that you could live out your theme in 2014. Let’s use Dare Greatly as the theme and get published as one goal under that theme. Now turn that goal into one action that you can do every day for 9.5 weeks. For instance, you can write for 30 minutes every day. At the end of those 66 days you should have enough material to piece together for submission. Since you have about 10 weeks to turn each goal into a habit, you can work on 5 actions throughout the year. Rather than starting everything at the same time, which ensures waning commitment, take the long view. Start with just one goal per 10 weeks. By having a theme of the year, you can base all of your goals and action steps on that theme, making them more cohesive and more motivating to follow as they build on each other. Once 10 weeks is complete, you can either move to another goal or chose another action step towards a previous goal. So in our example, you would start by writing every day for 10 weeks. At the end of that time, you could chose another action step towards getting published. You could decide to publish a blog post every day for the next 10 weeks. Or you could pick another Dare Greatly goal that is unrelated, such as run a half marathon. You’d then pick an action step for that goal, such as workout for 30 minutes every day. It’s not as much how you work towards your theme that is important. Instead, it’s using momentum to live into all of your potential. Before getting bogged down with the details and logistics, focus on this question: What one theme do you want to describe this year?  

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