How to decide what to do after college

The New Year is usually the time to make new plans and look at the year ahead. But if you’re a senior in college, now is the time to be thinking of post-graduation plans. Don’t believe me? See tip #2. If you’re wondering, How am I supposed to know what to do after college, I offer the following 3 steps:
  what to do after college  
1. Explore all of the available opportunities.
Even if a job opportunity does not seem to fit into exactly what you’re looking for, it’s important to not rule anything out from the beginning. Students are often surprised when they interview at an organization that was not originally on their radar how much they liked the culture or the people. Students who use their network and set up informal meetings to explore a variety of career options are able to make the best decisions because they have widened their options, as the Heath brothers in Decisive say.
2. Set a plan.
By the end of the semester, where do you want to be in your job search or post-graduate plans? Often students put off planning because it is overwhelming, but then they miss viable options that other students scoop up early. You should instead look ahead and envision what plans you would like to set in motion. Then act on that plan.
3. Decide.
Ultimately it all comes down to a decision, which is where students most often get tripped up. They are afraid that they might make the wrong choice and be stuck in a job or post-graduate plan that they hate. This thinking, however, prevents students from making a good decision. Instead, students who recognize that this decision is just one of many in their career path are freed to make what choice seems the best for right now.
You will never fully understand what work that you love to do until you put your talents into practice. The best choice for now will likely be the one that most seems to engage your strengths and tap into your passions.

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