What are you doing to make an impact?

Students about to start college and recent graduates probably aren’t spending too much time thinking about how they are advancing toward making their long-term goals a reality. Yet, it’s telling that one question asked during the grueling Harvard Business School interview is, “What do you want to be remembered as?” As this Poets and Quants […]

July Update: How to make the most of your summer

  Student Launch Pad is here to help students make the most of their summer! We’ve been working with students all summer long who want to take advantage of the extra time and set themselves up for a successful future. Check out the Monthly Update for specific ways to make the most of the summer, including: Find […]

What grit has to do with your dream job

In life, you don’t get over setbacks by walking. You need to go full force, take a risk, and not let obstacles slow you down. This determination, or grit, is the number one factor to success. A TED Talk by Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth outlines her study on grit. In her terms, after studying West Point students, […]