Ending Job Search Paralysis

During his senior year of high school, Nick continually questioned what he wanted to do after graduation. He considered the military but then changed his mind. He wanted to go to college but did not feel ready. He thought taking a gap year between high school and college¬†was his best option, but he did not […]

College Admissions: How to tell your story and stand out

  College admissions are getting more competitive than ever. At top universities, most students who are applying all have the same great grades, excellent standardized test scores, and well-roundedness of activities and leadership positions. In the article “Perfect scores alone don’t make grade for admission to college of choice”, colleges share what they require for […]

June Update

  To see how Student Launch Pad has been impacting this generation of students lately, take a look at our Monthly Update. Highlights from the monthly newsletter: A graphical representation of Student Launch Pad’s success in four North Atlanta public schools: See students’ progress in areas such as understanding their strengths, having an action plan […]