Top 6 Tips for Acing a Career Fair

This spring, Student Launch Pad had the opportunity to be a part of a mock career fair at Georgia Institute of Technology. The main purpose was for students to practice career fair etiquette and networking prior to the real career fairs the following week. The event lasted about four hours, and the students treated it […]

What I wish I knew before starting college

This morning I had the pleasure of teaching a Leadership class at my old high school, Trinity Preparatory School in Winter Park, FL. With both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Leadership, I was excited to speak about leadership lessons that I learned throughout my time in college and into the working world. Although the […]

Being Excellent

  In a recent podcast from Michael Hyatt entitled The 3 Components of Job Satisfaction, he says, “If you have all three of these components—passion, competence, and a market—you experience satisfaction.” So often, we compartmentalize our lives, seeing formal schooling or training as building competence, finding our market in business only, and developing our passion in our […]